U.S. Treasury Department Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence ("TFI") Sigal P. Mandelker described the evolution and strategy behind the administration's counterterrorism efforts.

In a speech before the 19th Annual International Conference on Counterterrorism, Ms. Mandelker stated that new tools have allowed TFI to increase the pressure on terrorists, their support and networks. She stated that President Trump's Executive Order ("EO") modernizing counterterrorism sanctions will enhance the agency's counterterrorism and sanctions authority. Specifically, the EO will allow TFI to:

  • implement secondary sanctions to target, for example, foreign financial institutions that knowingly assist terrorists;

  • more efficiently target the leaders and officials of terrorist groups; and

  • target those performing and participating in drills in terror training camps, including drills conducted over the internet and other telecommunication platforms.

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