Despite the rise of hybrid vehicles in recent years, gas or diesel engines are still the preferred powertrain of choice with 54% of global respondents saying it appeals to them the most. However, 30% of respondents said a hybrid electric powertrain is most appealing, and 6% preferred an all-electric (EV).

Tracking with recent sales figures, interest in hybrids and EVs was even higher in Asia, with 41% of respondents selecting gas or diesel as their preference, 43% selecting hybrid electric powertrains and 7% selecting EVs. The higher interest in hybrids and EVs in Asia relative to the rest of the world is primarily driven by China (other than Hong Kong) and Hong Kong, where only 28% and 29% of respondents, respectively, find gas or diesel most appealing. Countries where more respondents selected gas or diesel relative to the global results include Brazil, India (the top two at 67%), the U.S., France, Germany and Canada.

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