Winston & Strawn Environmental Partner Stephanie Sebor recently spoke to The Texas Tribune to discuss how Texas could benefit from President Biden's federal directive to accelerate cleanups of legacy oil and gas, mining, and hazardous waste contamination.

Based on a recent executive order on climate change, President Joe Biden wants to accelerate cleanups of legacy oil and gas, mining, and hazardous waste contamination. According to a recent article by The Texas Tribune, some areas of Texas could benefit from Biden's federal directive since this latest order would make revitalizing "energy communities" - those where coal, oil and gas, and power plants provided jobs, but now have shuttered or jeopardized by energy transition - an official policy of his administration.

"I think that what (the Biden Administration) is trying to do is move these communities toward what the administration considers a more sustainable energy future," Stephanie said. "I see plenty of opportunities there coming to Texas."

The publication also noted that in Texas, the president's directive to prioritize such projects could present opportunities for neighborhoods that have been left with the toxic legacies of the early days of the oil, gas, and chemical industries. Opponents of the order, including Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, say the order prioritizes renewable energy sources over the oil industry.  

According to Stephanie, "The response from the governor is going to be quite different than the mayor of Austin. Governors might be resisting, but specific communities could liaison with the federal government to bring stimulus to their specific neighborhoods."

Read more of Stephanie's remarks in the full article here.

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