Few taxpayers utilize the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques available to them when dealing with the IRS, including Fast Track Settlements, the Rapid Appeals Process, and Post-Appeals Mediation. Jones Day lawyers have significant experience with IRS ADR options, and in the third webinar of our four-part series, "The Four Acts of an IRS Controversy," they will explain when these techniques are most advantageous and share strategies for obtaining the most favorable result from each alternative.

This webinar will discussed each ADR option in light of the changes to the Appeals process resulting from the recent enactment of the Taxpayer First Act, which establishes by statute the IRS Independent Office of Appeals. 

Act I ("The Roadmap for Handling a Challenging IRS Examination") may be viewed here.

Act II ("Uncommon Strategies for Dealing with the IRS Appeals Office") may be viewed here.

Act III may be viewed here.

The final webinar in the series will be as follows:

Act IV: Litigating a Federal Tax Case: Removing the IRS's Home Field Advantage on November 14, 2019.

A short Firm video on Post-Appeals Mediation may be viewed here.

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