Any surviving illusion that the global energy industry can remain static without dramatic adaptation to new and unexpected circumstances has been displaced by recent developments. Although major trends in the energy sector have always been driven primarily by fuel availability and by policy and regulatory decisions, a number of transformative and disruptive "game changers" have recently emerged to fundamentally alter our approach to energy production and use.  Among many others, they include:

  • The shale gas revolution
  • Water scarcity
  • Threats to the power grid and other critical energy infrastructure
  • Development of the smart grid
  • Energy consumption and production in China

The energy sector in the future may look dramatically different from how it looks today, and companies best positioned to succeed will be those that are taking steps now to anticipate and adapt to these game changers. How we respond to these challenges -- and maximize opportunities -- will influence not only our industry, but the shape of the world to come.

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