In this issue, there is a focus on counterfeiting issues in the context of a variety of different IP rights.

The CJEU have held that Amazon and other online platforms do not infringe brand owner's rights simply by stocking infringing goods.

Successful design registration can be beneficial to furniture designers and companies, protecting valuable assets from counterfeits and copying by protecting the appearance of products.

OEM goods manufactured in China can constitute infringement, even if the goods are intended for export. The good news out of the Chinese Supreme Court.

The internet and counterfeits is a growing problem – what measures are out there to assist brand owners?

We also look at two important recent cases:

In a long-running David v Goliath battle, a small family-run clothing business won an unlikely legal victory against Bentley Motors after the carmaker infringed its trade marks and the CJEU maintain the status quo on broad specifications, although sets out a new test for bad faith.

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