Get answers to the most common VAT-related questions asked by businesses since the UK left the European Union.

There has been a lot of confusion among businesses located in both the UK and EU since 1 January 2021. Can you simply continue to trade as before? Do you need a new tax number? What about VAT refund applications? And what's the situation with Northern Ireland?

Role play returns in this episode, as Rob and Sylvia (without Jacek) answer some of the most common VAT questions they've received since Brexit.

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00:01 Intro

02:14 Key pain points for businesses trading between the EU and UK since Brexit

06:33 As a non-established business, can I continue trading in the UK in 2021 as I did before Brexit?

08:50 As a non-established business, do I need a new VAT number for the UK?

10:13 As a UK business, can I still make refund applications for VAT incurred in the EU in 2020?

13:00 As an EU-based e-commerce business, do I need to do anything different in 2021, or can I continue selling to my customers in the UK as before?

15:03 As a UK business that is VAT registered in various EU member states, can I continue trading as before?

17:34 I'm a business established and registered in an EU member state, and I'm trading in the UK. I've incurred a substantial amount of UK VAT on invoices from suppliers. Can I still recover this VAT?

20:24 As a UK business selling digital services across a number of EU member states, can I continue using the MOSS scheme?

22:38 Key takeaways for businesses

24:00 Outro

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