Upon the Court of Protection appointing a deputy, it is common for a case manager to be instructed to work alongside the deputy.

The purpose of this is to ensure that the needs (predominantly welfare) of the clients and their families are being met.

With their experience, the case manager can consider all aspects of the client's daily life, maximise their potential and work with other professionals.

Examples of the things a case manager can do to assist the deputy include:-

  • Assisting with appropriate residential placements.
  • Looking into and setting up private therapeutic services. This could include rehabilitation, music therapy and occupational therapy.
  • Working alongside education authorities to ensure that the client (if a minor) has the appropriate Education Health Care Plan in place.
  • Working closely with other professionals, to ensure as far as possible the independence of the client. Such professionals would include social workers, care home managers and members of the medical professional.
  • Helping the deputy to set up a care package for the client. This includes a care package through a care agency or private employment.

We at Anthony Gold work regularly with case managers. This ensures that the client and their family's needs can be met in the most effective way possible.

Originally published by Anthony Gold, June 2020

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