In August 2019, NHS England published updated versions of the ICP contract and support documents package.

The ICP contract is specifically designed to enable integration through a single contract that can be used to commission public health, adult social care, secondary care and primary care services via a population-based payment approach.

It is a variant of the NHS Standard Contract which is already used to commission a broad range of NHS services. The supporting documents includes explanatory notes to the ICP contract.

NHS England states that: "the ICP contract is intended to promote an environment at the 'place' tier, in which different teams and services can come together in a coordinated way, incentivising organisations to focus on delivering better patient care and improving the health of the population as a whole. The contract is designed to allow this to be achieved in a transparent way, ensuring consistency with all national NHS standards and requirements, whilst establishing clear accountability through a lead provider."

In addition, NHS England has published an updated version of the GP Integration Agreement and a new template Local Authority Integration Agreement. Where an ICP contract does not include primary medical services or local authority services, these agreements are designed to facilitate integration with ICP services. The supporting documentation also features helpful FAQs as well as detailed guidance on other aspects of ICP arrangements including integrated budgets, procurement and assurance approaches and GP/CCG roles.

DAC Beachcroft has been at the forefront of ICP development, assisting NHS England with its implementation of new business models and working with local health economies on integration projects. We have recently advised CCGs on a range of issues with emerging PCNs including assisting on Network Agreement completion, information governance arrangements and interaction with existing alliances and prospective ICPs.

If you would like to discuss the ICP contract, or integration projects in general, please contact Charlotte, Chris or Margarita.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.