The validity of a patent registration is for 15 years only, but it can be renewed for extra 5 years if the patent is of special significance and has not brought in a return proportional to the expenditure incurred by the inventor. Registration in Bahrain stipulates the existence of a home registration or any other foreign registration of the patent in order to issue the Patent Letter.

The Patent Law does not provide for novelty requirements. The law also does not provide protection for utility models.

Patent applications accepted by the Registrar are published in the Official Gazette. There is a 30 day period open for filing an opposition by any interested party. An opposition to the registration of a patent should be prosecuted before the Registrar by an authorized agent or the proprietors themselves within the prescribed period as from the date of publication; such an opposition case should be settled by the Registrar. Bahrain is party to the Gulf Cooperation Patent Law, for more information, please see page 31.

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