All companies registered in the Czech Republic have now been given their own electronic data boxes for sending and receiving electronic communications with public authorities.

These are to be used for decisions, resolutions, approvals and other official communications.

Details of the login, password and other access information for the company's data box normally has to be given to the company's executive directors, who may not appoint a proxy to receive the information on their behalf. This may be problematic where the executive directors are based outside the Czech Republic.

One solution may be for the executive directors to appoint an administrator with his/her own personal access code. An administrator is usually a company employee with authority to manage the data box on the company's behalf, including the authority to grant access to other employees.

To do this before the executive directors receive the access information, a written request must be made to the Czech Ministry of Interiors containing the notarised signatures of the executive directors authorized to sign on behalf of the company. If notarised outside the Czech Republic, the signatures may also need to be apostilled or superlegalised.

The request will normally take between three and four weeks to be dealt with by the Ministry of Interiors. If approved, the administrator will be sent his/her access code and will then be able to access and deal with all data box communications on the company's behalf.

Law: Act no. 300/2008 Coll. on Electronic Acts and Authorised Conversion of Documents, as amended

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