Better planning needed to ensure jobs for skilled persons in water, energy sectors

About 300 000 graduates in the energy and water sectors in South Africa are seeking employment, some of whom even re-enter into learnerships to stay in the economically active loop, says Energy and Water Sector Education and Training Authority acting CEO Mpho Mookapele.

Speaking at the Skills Development Summit, on Tuesday, she questioned where these sectors were going wrong in terms of employing those have received training and skills development. She also suggested that there was something wrong with the skills development system at a national level, with a lack of proper skills planning.

Engineering News, 12 March 2019

Desalination market growth in Africa on the rise, report

A recent study, released by Frost & Sullivan, reveals that the African desalination market is now stabilising and investment in desalination is gaining traction.

The study found that the desalination market in Africa has recovered from the global economic downturn in 2015-2017, which resulted in low desalination investment across the continent.

ESI Africa, 12 March 2019

"No tomorrow" for many unless consumption falls – UN

Global exploitation of natural resources – from water, sand and timber to oil, coal and gemstones – has more than tripled in 50 years, the United Nations (UN) said on Tuesday, warning of devastating environmental impacts unless demand is reduced.

Surging consumption of natural resources – 92 billion tonnes in 2017 – accounts for half of the world's planet-heating greenhouse-gas emissions and over 90% of the world's biodiversity loss, the Global Resources Outlook 2019 found.

Engineering News, 13 March 2019

World Water Day on 22 March: "Leaving no one behind"

Potable water is a key focus at African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa in Cape Town in May.

A Cape Town bottling plant has managed to reduce its wastewater by over 60%, saving more than 90 million litres of municipal water since January 2017. 

ESI Africa, 15 March 2019

NCPC-SA to strengthen implementation of water project

The National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa (NCPC-SA) aims to strengthen implementation of its Industrial Water Efficiency (IWE) project and move towards the adoption of best practices and water efficient technologies to improve performance, says NCPC-SA IWE project lead Kevin Cilliers.

Through the IWE project, the NCPC-SA addresses the need for skills and solutions to reduce the use of and reuse available water supplies. Companies can apply for free water assessments and assistance when implementing water efficiency at their plants.

Engineering News, 15 March 2019

Variable climate presents challenges

A more variable climate is creating the challenges of ensuring adequate water supply in dry areas and dealing with higher rainfall in wet areas.

Peter Shepherd states that water variability in dry areas has started to affect the amount of water that municipalities and other users can abstract from sources like dams, rivers and boreholes.

Engineering News, 15 March 2019

Company rolls out second-generation water filtration system

Specialist water repurpose and filtration company CrossAfrica Water Solutions is rolling out the second-generation SAFI Africa Point-of-Entry Microfiltration System, which filters water at the source of entry into an establishment.

The prototype of the system was launched three years ago and the second-generation SAFI system is a culmination of design improvements made to lower the cost of production and increase the functionality and robustness of the system, says CrossAfrica CEO Manny Cross.

Engineering News, 15 March 2019

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