South Africa has a very active, and deeply rooted, chemical, metallurgical and process engineering industry that continues to contribute significantly to the country's GDP.

This provides fertile ground for market focused research and development work and, in this space, new technologies are therefore developed and commercially exploited at a rapid pace.

Patent protection holds significant value and relevance in this context. Its pursuit therefore has to be approached in a strategically sound manner, with the assistance of experienced and knowledgeable legal advisors who work to deliver commercially relevant outcomes for clients.

A well-established practice with top technical expertise

Adams & Adams has a well-established team of patent attorneys responsible for dealing with inventions in this field of technology. The team runs a large, technically diverse practice, that draws the benefit of decades of serving clients in this field.

With industry experience and relevant academic qualifications in engineering, our patent attorneys are well-equipped to assist innovators in both pre-filing strategy discussions, and in the drafting, filing and prosecution of patent applications throughout the world.

Offering a broad range of experience with a variety of clients and technologies

Our service is not limited to particular technologies, which is evident from the wide range of our experience which includes work in the fields of petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, nuclear energy, mining, minerals recovery, minerals processing, applied physical and organic chemistry, fluorine chemistry, pesticides, agriculture, radiochemistry, water treatment, explosives, bioprocess engineering, and many others.

We serve, and therefore are sensitive to, the diverse needs of a variety of clients, ranging from academic and research institutions, through to small businesses, to large corporates. We are proud thereof that we work hard to understand the context in which each of these views intellectual property, and specifically patent protection, to ensure that we deliver value.

To protect the fruits of your labour, get in touch with one of our patent experts today. Find out more on how our experienced team can help you protect your innovation. We look forward to working with you!

Originally Published by Adams & Adams, November 2020

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