Facebook decided to introduce a manual fact-checking program in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, partnering with the AFP press agency in the Czech Republic. The same setting should also be introduced on Instagram.

As soon as a message is qualified as incorrect/false, Facebook will move it down in its news feed which should decrease the level of its spread. Users will be able to see or share such incorrect/false message, but they will be notified of its incorrectness/falsehood along with a reference to explanation. Pages and domains spreading incorrect/false news will also be limited in its reach and ability to monetize and advertise. On the other hand, Facebook should not fact-check political advertising and marketing.

In addition to the above, Facebook quite surprisingly announced another fact-checking partner for the Czech Republic this week - an independent and certified fact-checking platform called Demagog.cz. It is a platform mainly focused on fact-checking Czech politicians and publicly known persons. According to the Demagog.cz coordinator, 4 or 5 persons should continuously monitor Facebook messages, trying to find in particular hoax messages and narratives of politicians shared with their fans on Facebook.

Originally published 4 Jun 2020

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