Key Points

  • The UAE has announced a new COVID-19 travel pass for flights from Abu Dhabi
  • The travel pass will permit passengers with negative COVID-19 test results to fly
  • An initial trial will begin in April 2021 for travelers flying on Emirates Airlines
  • The travel pass will be expanded to other destinations if successful


The Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has introduced a COVID-19 travel pass for certain travelers flying from Abu Dhabi.

What are the Changes?

In collaboration with the International Air Transport Association, the government is introducing a COVID-19 travel pass that allows passengers who have been inoculated against the virus or who have obtained negative COVID-19 test results to travel.

The travel pass will be available on select flights from Abu Dhabi in an initial trial. The government will start using the travel pass in April 2021 for passengers traveling on Emirates, which is one of the UAE's largest airlines.

Looking Ahead

If the initial IATA Travel Pass is successful, its use will be expanded to other destinations.

Originally published 19 January 2021

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