The Dubai International Financial Center ("DIFC") entered into an agreement with Dubai Healthcare City Authority ("DHCA") to ensure the utilisation of the services of the newly established Special Complaints Referral Centre. ("SCRC"). The agreement was signed at the Arab Health Exhibition by the chief justice of the DIFC Courts and the CEO of the DHCA. The agreement intends to build a concrete relations between the two entities by issuing a Memorandum of Understanding ("MoU") and seeks for a framework for DHCA for benefitting from the expertise of the DIFC Courts available by the way of Small Claims Tribunal ("SCT")

The SCT mediators have successfully handled over 400 matters. They employ a smart and amicable way of dispute resolution for claims up to AED 500,000. The DHCA has had more than 200 clinical partners ranging from medical centres, hospitals, laboratories, professionals from across the globe. As promulgated by the DIFC Courts, mediation is becoming a popular device for corporations and individuals for settlement of their disputes. They share their knowledge and expertise in order to assist in resolving the claims in more amicable manner. They are more user-friendly option of resolution.

As a part of this framework, DHCA seeks to make strong the mandate of its regulation and governance. It is a way forward for an innovative and robust service for efficiently settling labour complaints. The market is to surge to an increased level of AED 103 Billion by the end of 2021 which is backed by research and careful analysis.

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