Yesterday, the Ministry of Public Service (SFP) announced the launch of the Business Integrity Registry, a registry of ethical government suppliers aimed at preventing corruption in government contracts, to whom a specific trademark will be granted in order to identify them as ethical. The Registry's purpose will be that government suppliers will be chosen from those registered in the Registry.

The SFP General Director of Business Engagement, Carlos Villalobos, said that the registry will set the integrity and ethical parameters to be met by companies wishing to be a government supplier, and companies may voluntarily join.

In order to register, it will be required to provide the following information and documents:

  1. The identification account of the user is created from the general information of the user.
  2. The curriculum, general information, geolocation and photo of the Company's facilities must be provided.
  3. It must be evidenced that the company has complied with its tax obligations and with payment of its utilities (e.g. electricity).
  4. Compliance with labor and social security obligations must be evidenced.
  5. Compliance with an Integrity Policy must be submitted, including specially a code of conduct, code of ethics and the culture of the company to report corruption

Enrollment in the Registry will grant the government supplier a specific encrypted logo, inspired by the god Kukulcán, which will be valid for two years and will be placed on the website of all companies enrolled in the Registry.

The first stage of this registry will begin by introducing the companies in the Single Registry of Suppliers and Contractors. A mobile application is also being developed to provide assistance to those interested in obtaining their logo.

In a second stage, the logo will be used in public procurement, and, finally, the results will be assessed in order to improve the project and implement it in other sectors, industries, services and commerce.

The Head of the Office of the Presidency, Alfonso Romo, proposed to add the possibility that companies meeting a specific score, will have a preferential access to loans and investment.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.