Fast and reliable Internet access is the backbone of modern business. Here in the Isle of Man it provides the platform for companies to offer specialised, value-added financial services on a global basis. In the process, the Island has become a recognised centre of excellence for advanced business technology – so much so, that it has been used successfully as a test-bed for several state-of-the-art IT products.

The Island can boast 100 per cent broadband coverage and many companies are developing their businesses with some of the most advanced new technology available anywhere in the world.

The team at Isle of Man Finance is proud to be part of this digital revolution and committed to the paperless production of our marketing material wherever possible. As part of this process, we aim to provide Isle of Man Financial Review in digital form to the widest number of readers internationally.

So what does this mean?

Isle of Man Finance will continue to produce Isle of Man Financial Review; indeed we are hoping to increasing the size of the document to six pages, providing a wealth of industry news from the Island's business sector. The newsletter will retain its shape and colour scheme and the style and quality of production. The changes will come in the technological aspects.

Beginning at the start of the new financial year in April 2007, we will produce and distribute the newsletter in electronic format. This electronic version will then be posted on our expanded website which will be easily accessible to visitors. Instead of our current postal service, we will email a special fast link that will take readers direct to the Review where they can then read it at a time convenient.

This smoother electronic production will provide us with the increased facility to link articles to companies and key individuals. For instance, where a word or passage is underlined click onto the words to be taken directly to further relevant information on the subject. There is also the option of closing the document and scanning through our 'free to access' archive of previous newsletters. Obviously, if you need a hard copy, you can print the document from your office printer.

Receiving Review in the future

If you would like to receive future editions of the Isle of Man Financial Review, simply email 'I want to continue receiving your newsletter' to: - making sure you include your name and position within the organisation. If you would also like colleagues to receive the newsletter, also include their email address. All information submitted will be kept safe for our use only.

We at Isle of Man Finance believe electronic distribution is the most accessible means of enhancing our service to you by providing a quicker and more frequent news service about the Island's businesses and their role in maintaining the Isle of Man's status as one of the most innovative financial centres in the world.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.