On the 26th of August, vide a Public Notice, the Trade Marks registry announced that due to the on-going pandemic, they will be now conducting Show-Cause hearing through Video Conferencing. The hearings, however will be scheduled in only those matters where the Applicant or the Authorised Agent has given their consent and confirmed their participation for the same.

To consent to the video conference hearing, applicants and authorised Agents are required to tlahearing-tmr@gov.in with the Subject "Consent fot Show-Cause Hearing through Video-Conferencing".

However, only applicants and authorised Agents who have consented on or before 05.09.2020 will be currently scheduled for hearing, while others will be kept in abeyance to schedule hearing in person, whenever that happens.

Further, should the applicants and authorised Agents be absent on the date of hearing, the application will be decided as per law.

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