It is a well-known fact that India is at par with US, Europe and Australia when it comes to medical treatment and facilities but is considerably less expensive. Unfortunately, patients seeking medical treatment in India have to bear the burden of on line appointments which can take several weeks to months and have to be backed by comprehensive documentation which can only be from specific Indian hospitals.

The E Visa system would be a boon for any patients seeking quick medical visas to India. The online applications for medical visas would only require scanned copies of medical prescriptions from government accredited hospitals. Nearly 100 countries are already eligible for this type of visa but India has yet to join this list.

The good news is The Indian Ministry of Home Affairs after intervention from the Prime Minister's Office has agreed to be a participant in the 'medical' E Visa Program. This announcement is likely to be made after the current session of Parliament.

This short term medical visa to India will have a 30-day validity and can be extended up to one year. This new relaxed visa application could bring billions of dollars in medical tourism to Indian shores.

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