The United States Department of Labor, National Labor Relations Board, Department of Justice and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission have introduced a new website and service to facilitate employee complaints and grievances --  The government site presents various employment scenarios for an employee (user) to choose from. 

The employee can enter the site, choose any of the circumstances the employees sees themselves in.   The site then directs them to a page that provides comprehensive details of all Equality, Organizing, Safety and Wage Rights to which they are entitled. All services are free and confidential, whether the employee is documented or not. It is no longer just the sophisticated educated employee who can hire a lawyer or sift through complicated governments rules to file a complaint.  This site is extremely simple and easy to use. 

Although it has just been rolled out and is still in beta testing, it is another indicator of noticeable trends in promoting employee rights.  The site clearly lays out the Right to Equal Treatment Among Worker, right to be Paid, the Right to Use Group Pressure (Union or Non-Union) and the Right to a Healthy and Safe Work Environment. The site clearly reminds the employee that their employer cannot terminate them for filing a complaint or in any other manner discriminate against them for filing a complaint with The Department of Justice. This ability to easily bring grievances should be a 'heads up' to even the most diligent employers.

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