Under current requirements, British tourists and international travellers arriving in Spain must self-quarantine for 14 days, according to order 403 published in the Spanish government's Official State Gazette (BOE) on May 11. However, the Spanish government issued a brief statement on May 25 to announce that the two-week quarantine period will be lifted for tourists and travellers from July 1.

Requirements are phase and region dependent

The Spanish government´s "Plan for the Transition Towards a New Normality" is taking place over four phases. The government Health Ministry decides when a region can move into a new phase. The legal requirements that holidaymakers must observe vary according to which region in Spain is visited and which phase is in force at that time.

The Spanish Health Minister, Salvador Illa, announced that by June 1, most of the regions (70%) will be in phase 2. Therefore, tourists and travellers before arriving to Spain should inform themselves as to which phase their region will be in.

Phase 1

The key rules are

. Up to 10 people can meet for social gatherings either outside or in someone's home but social distancing measures must be observed.
. Tourist and hotel accommodation may open. However, communal areas such as dining rooms have to stay closed.
. It is compulsory to wear face masks on all public transport in Spain regardless of the phase the region or the province is in.
. Journeys in private vehicles can be made in the same province or health region for non-essential items but such journeys cannot be made to a different province or health region.
. Journeys to second residences and hotels are also allowed, as long as they are in the same province or health region.
. Cultural events such as concerts can be held for up to 30 people indoors and to 200 people outdoors.
. Non-professional sport activities are permitted as long as they do not involve physical contact.

Phase 2

The key measures are:

. Up to 15 people can meet for social gatherings either outside or in someone's home but social distancing measures must be observed.
. Communal areas in hotels such as dining rooms may re-open, as long as capacity is no higher than 30%.
. Restaurants and bars are allowed to open their interior dining areas with capacity limited to 40%.
. Customers should ideally book a table via prior appointment. Terraces for restaurants and bars will be at 50% capacity.
. People are allowed to visit beaches but must respect social distancing and in groups of no more than 15. There must be two metres between each beachgoer.
. Open-air concerts are permitted with capacity at 30% and limited to 400 people. The public must be seated.
. Cinemas, theatres can open. However, seats must be pre-assigned and capacity is limited to 30%

Phase 3

This phase will allow more free movement across Spain and between regions. Nonetheless, the use of face masks will continue to be obligatory for all tourists and travellers.

The Spanish government has adopted these best practices to ensure economic activity can take place without endangering collective health.

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