ECS International was formed in 1978 and the disciplines that were incorporated into the Company had their roots in the offshore Finance Sector for many years before that date.

We have developed a high Level of sophistication in providing high quality service to those people wishing to use offshore jurisdictions for proper personal or corporate planning and business activities. Over the years we have gained substantial expertise in the use of many offshore jurisdiction around the world and have established very good working relationships with the authorities in these areas.

At the outset our services were rooted in the provision of International Tax Planning services to Individuals and Companies, however these specific services have widened to provide e full offshore service which is now widely used by many clients with diverse interests.

ECS International is an independent company and is not part of any group of companies. Consequently we are not committed to promoting any financial products or services of any particular financial institution and consequently we believe we are able to offer completely balanced end impartial advice to our clients.

With a positive commitment to quality of service the company is uniquely placed to provide clients with services necessary to compete in today's offshore financial environment.

Careful tax planning in advance eon achieve considerable tax savings both now and in the future. Each client receives the Personal attention of a Director who will advise on the arrangements needed based on the individual clients circumstances. In addition each client is the responsibility of a Client Executive within our office who will assist in the implementation of the plans made, these may involve the creation of offshore tax exempt Pension Schemes, Trusts and companies in jurisdictions that are most appropriate, together with local tax, accountancy and compliance services. We will work closely with our clients legal and financial advisers. We do not provide investment advice but introductions Can be arranged to an appropriate investment adviser.

The full range of our cervices are summarised below, however there are other detailed fee(sheers available relating to each of the individual topics and we shall be pleased to provide any of these an request.

  • International Tax Planning
  • Personal or Corporate Financial Structuring
  • Company Administration Services
  • Trustee Administration Services
  • Pension Scheme Consultancy end Administration
  • Tax Planning for Expatriates
  • Multi-National Corporate Group structuring
  • Management and Systems Consultancy
  • Value Added Tax Consultancy Services
  • Value Added Tax Consultancy Services
  • Professional Property Management Service

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.

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