Agriculture and food are among the most critical areas that a nation must manage. Food is a crucial requirement for the population of a country, and a large number of resources and research are often invested in the sector. Entities involved require close management and a tight legislative structure to ensure consistency security.

The UAE is a nation which has a very high demand for the importing of foods and agricultural products due to the nature of the climate and the lack of suitable fertile lands. Their needs are consistently on the rise, and with a population approaching 10 million, it is of utmost importance and concern.

With this considered, Abu Dhabi is looking to streamline the system they currently have in place to help them achieve higher levels of security on this front. While there are presently government entities in place which manage the industry, a new law will soon be in place which may have a big say on things.

Agricultural and Food Safety Authority

Currently, matters of this nature are managed by the likes of the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority and Farmers Service Centre.

The new authority, which is being established under the law which is soon to arise, will have its legal personality and capacities, to manage the related entities in the nation. It shall oversee the responsibilities of the formerly mentioned groups and ensure the future of the country on this front.

Streamlining the government authorities into one in this way will allow for processes to be more straightforward and activities will occur more smoothly. Fewer hurdles will be in place for farmers and businesses involved in the food sector.

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