Labuan International Business and Financial Centre (Labuan IBFC) offers an unparalleled range of solutions and structures facilitating cross-border financial transactions, business dealings, risk management, insurance and wealth management needs, in conventional, digital or Shariah-compliant options.


Labuan IBFC offers a wholesale cross-border financial intermediation platform for banks looking to establish their operations in the epicentre of the world's economic growth engine. The Labuan banking sector is the largest sector in Labuan IBFC and plays a key role in supporting cross-border investments and trade facilitated by the jurisdiction, its currency and tax neutrality

Capital Markets

Our capital market related solutions include intermediaries such as fund managers, fund administrators, custodians and securities licensees, and provide an ideal range of licences to tap the burgeoning regional qualified investor pool.

Corporate Structures

Labuan IBFC's comprehensive legal framework provides a wide range of legal entities such as international business companies, private client foundations, special purpose trusts, protected cell companies, private funds, and limited liability partnerships, that can be structured in conventional and Shariah-compliant options.

Digital Facilitation

Labuan IBFC's unique approach to financial technology has made us the "go to" centre for digital intermediation. Operating in a real-world licenced environment, our "tool box" of digital licences and approvals provide a wide range of operating structures for both upcoming start-ups and legacy financial services providers looking to venture into the digital realm.


Home to more than 200 (re)insurers and insurance intermediaries, we are the fastest growing risk intermediation centre in Asia, offering a complete ecosystem of general reinsurance business. In addition, this sector is complemented by self-insurance vehicles such as captives and protected cell companies that offer unique cost-efficient risk management solutions.

Islamic Finance

Labuan IBFC's reputation as the leading financial centre for Shariah-related solutions is recognised globally. Home to the world's first Islamic bond, our breadth and depth in Islamic intermediation is well-supported by comprehensive structures supervised by a global Shariah Supervisory Council.

One-Stop Regulatory Authority

Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA), the regulatory authority of Labuan IBFC provides a robust yet pragmatic regulatory approach whilst adhering to standards set by global regulatory and multilateral bodies. A statutory organisation under the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia, Labuan FSA continuously reviews its regime to ensure sufficiency and practicality to preserve a market environment that is both business facilitative and well-regulated.

Professional Service Providers

Our professional service providers are the backbone of the jurisdiction and act as key business enablers. The first point of contact to all things Labuan are our range of professional service providers and they have expanded exponentially providing a comprehensive suite of services towards the development of the jurisdiction.

Wealth Management

Labuan IBFC is at the forefront of international wealth planning and intermediation, providing high-networth investors and families the flexibility to choose our bespoke wealth preservation solutions for their unique circumstances such as private foundations, protected cell companies and purpose trusts; all of which can be offered in a conventional or Islamic structure.

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