The Financial Services Commission of the British Virgin Islands announced on 20 March 2017 that it has made an enhancement to its Virtual Integrated Registry and Regulatory General Information Network ("VIRRGIN"). VIRRGIN is the Financial Services Commission's internet based information network that provides on-line electronic access to the services of the Registry of Corporate Affairs, including electronic filings of documents.

From 20 March 2017, registered users who wish to change the registered office of a BVI company by way of electronic filing are now able to submit not only single filings (which would allow them to make a change for a single company), but also batch filings (which, as the name suggests, would allow them to change the registered office of multiple companies).

Similarly, registered users are now also able to make batch filings for changing the registered agent of a BVI company by way of electronic filing.

Previously, to make batch filings in respect of these changes, separate arrangements would need to be made with the Registry of Corporate Affairs.

It is anticipated that the new electronic batch filing system will add to the speed and ease of use of the VIRRGIN network with regards to changes to the registered office and/or registered agent of BVI companies.

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