Law 23/2002, of 21 August 2002, introduces several changes to the debt collection procedures with the purpose of improving the efficiency and the rapidity of such proceedings.

The changes to be implemented by the Government, shall require the amendment of the provisions of the Civil Procedure Code, and include the following:

  1. the setting up of courts specifically competent to conduct debt collection proceedings;
  2. the setting up of debt collection offices in the courts, specifically competent to execute all actions required in the course of the debt collection proceedings;
  3. the access to confidential information by the agent in charge of the debt collection, which shall require the Government to amend the regulations applicable to the secrecy of bank deposits;
  4. the setting up of a database for the debt collection proceedings; and
  5. the definition of the cases where the seizure of the debtor’s assets can be ordered without the prior hearing of the debtor.

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