The UAE is seen by many as being a land of wealth and glamour. People visit from around the world to take in the sites and experience the luxury, and it is not only those who visit who see these things. Residents can obtain many luxuries including some seen in few other places around the world in general.

There are times where images pop up in which a resident of the UAE is seen with a pet that most would consider highly unusual, rare and dangerous. These include lions, tigers and many more.

However, these cases are rare, and the government is aware of the potential issues that may come with such pets. There are stringent regulations in place concerning the subject, such as the 2016 ban on owning them, though the problem is a broad one. More than just the safety of the owners and the public requires consideration. It is also of importance to consider the protection of the exotic wildlife itself, which is often brought up during their transportation.

Upcoming Introductions

There currently already exists the 2016 regulation on the ownership of exotic animals, which places a ban on them. Further to this, it also revoked permits to entities that imported these animals into the nation, due to the safety reasons and concerns for the animals themselves.

The new regulation consists of 12 articles which concern the transport, storage, care and eventual release of the animals when the time comes. Animals have a special position in the UAE, and they are owed care and rights. The new introductions are intended to further the rights and also demonstrate the attitude of the country towards them.

All animals covered by the law will be seized if found within the position of an individual and will receive the appropriate care including vaccinations and proper environment. Finally, they shall be reintroduced to their suitable natural habitats when they are ready.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.