The Minister of Environment issued Regulation No. 2 of 2013 (the Regulation) on 22 February 2013 which has been in force since 25 February 2013. According to the Regulation, administrative sanctions will be imposed for any violation of an Environmental License (Izin Lingkungan), Environmental Protection and Management License (Izin Perlindungan dan Pengelolaan Lingkungan Hidup) or the prevailing rules and regulations on environmental protection and management. Supervision is through implementation reports and/or community reports. These administrative sanctions may be written warnings, a government order, suspension, followed by revocation of the license.

What constitutes a violation, the criteria used for deciding on sanctions, the procedure for issuing/imposing sanctions are all provided in the Schedules of the Regulation. Sanctions may be imposed in stages, cumulatively or randomly according to the severity of the violation.

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