At the beginning of June, the Labour Office launched its so-called ‘Outplacement Project' which helps employees to find new job when they are in their notice period or even in cases where their employment is threatened (for example, for fixed-term employment, where there is a termination agreement or for employees on an ‘Agreement to Complete a Job' or an ‘Agreement to Perform Work', special types of flexible employment that are common in the Czech Republic and which are very easily terminated).

The employees register with the Labour Office as employment applicants and the Office then arranges employment for them or provide them with training in the fields of labour law, financial literacy, soft skills, or requalification courses.

Conversely, employers who decide to employ dismissed employees will be eligible to receive benefits for these employees' salaries from the Labour Office or the possibility to further train these employees.

The project will last until 30 June 2022 at least.

Originally published 06 August, 2020

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