Sharjah is one of the most significant Emirates in the UAE. It is not the largest or the wealthiest, though it has a considerable population and is closely connected with Dubai. However, the Emirate also has a strong identity of its own, and it places a high value on education and future preparations. With everything considered, Sharjah has seen great success through the years and looks to set itself apart from other Emirates in specific areas in the coming years.

One of the areas that are highly valued is the previously mentioned education industry. Education guarantees the future as it causes an eventual rise in educated professionals. This rise then further allows industries to prosper and nations as a whole to progress. While many western countries are known for their high standards, the UAE has taken leaps in recent years to try to achieve similar levels of success.

Sharjah, in particular, has made substantial legal changes and brought about continuous regulatory support for the industry. Most recently, a new law is to receive an introduction which seeks to further the progress. That regulation is summarised as follows.

Law Number 19 2019

The Administrative Law Number 19 of 2019 concerns private education is Sharjah. The law aims to provide a more significant amount of regulatory power to the government. This increased power will ensure a more regulated system, thus leading to higher and more consistent standards.

Training of individuals in the sector will also be compulsory, and the legislation will provide enforceable powers to public entities. Altogether, the hope is that a more appropriate environment will arise and cause the quality and standards to improve in the private sector.

For them to enforce the changes, fines will be provided to any who do not abide by the changes. The alterations and introductions cover the Emirate of Sharjah, including its free zones.

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