Co-authored by Zahir Qayum of Al Tamimi & Co.

Bahrain has recently introduced a flexi-work permit for expatriates, allowing eligible expatriates to work and live in Bahrain without being sponsored for a work/residence permit by a local employer. Eligible expatriates can now work in any job with any number of employers on a full or part-time basis.  

Eligible expatriates are those who have either had their employment terminated and cannot find a sponsor, or those whose work permits have expired without renewal. Under the scheme, they will be able to continue living and working in Bahrain without the need for a sponsor/employer. Flexi-Work permits must be renewed every 2 years and cost BD 449 (approx. USD 1,194: GBP 859 : EUR 966) per application/renewal plus a monthly fee of BD 30 (approx. USD 80 : GBP 57 : EUR 65).


This development will allow employers to engage expatriate workers who possess the flexi-work permit on a flexible basis without having to sponsor them for employment.

This is an important development in the immigration/employment landscape in Bahrain.

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