Liquor-licence holders, in all seven categories, will get a one-hour extension beyond regular closing times on New Year's Eve, according to the chairman of the Liquor Licensing Board.

However, board Chairman Mitchell Welds emphasised that license holders must apply for the extension. He also added that the additional hour can be added only to the closing time – so, for example, a business that normally closes at 1pm can apply for an extension to close at 2pm.

Mr Welds noted that all other license stipulations remain in effect.

'Liquor sales and the playing of music must cease during the last ten minutes of permitted opening hours for retail, hotel, restaurant, and beer or wine categories of licenses', he said. 'Furthermore, customers are to vacate the premises before closing'.

For more information, license holders and members of the public may contact the Liquor Licensing Board's Executive Secretary, Marva Scott, on 244-3168 or

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