The Department of Environment (DoE) is reminding the public that fishing for conch and whelk in local waters is temporarily prohibited during the closed season, which began on 1 May.

'The closed season for conch and whelk is designed to give the local population a break from harvesting during the parts of the year when they reproduce the most', said DoE Senior Research Officer John Bothwell.

'The closed season is an effective and efficient way to limit the harvesting of conch and whelk, in order to support sustainable recreational fisheries in the Cayman Islands for both of these species', he said.

Until 1 November, it is unlawful to take, purchase, receive or possess conch or whelk originating from Cayman waters. Mr Bothwell added that persons should also remember it is illegal to fish for lobsters until 1 December.

'We urge persons not to support poaching. Don't buy conch, whelk or lobster from people during the closed season. It is a crime and should be reported to authorities', he said.

Persons who suspect poaching of conch or whelk or lobster can call 911, or DoE enforcement officers directly:

  • Grand Cayman: 916-4271
  • Cayman Brac: 926-0136
  • Little Cayman: 916-7021

For more information on all of the closed seasons and other conservation rules, contact the DoE on 949-8649; email; or visit to download the DoE app to your Apple or Android smartphone.

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