A set of twelve proposals for new protected areas has just been made available for public review and comment, by the National Conservation Council.

The proposals take the form of Nominations which were invited from the public, between August and October 2016. The Council received a total of 50 nominations, which came from landowners, real estate agents, individuals, civic groups, the National Trust, and the Department of Environment.

All the nominations were scored on 18 criteria, measuring biological value, climate value, financial and strategic value, and social value. The Council then selected two high-scoring sets of nominations, one set predominantly involving Crown land, the other set involving more privately owned land.

The Council has now released the first set for a period of public consultation, while on behalf of the Council, the Department of Environment commences discussions with landowners on the second set.

The first set of nominations, with explanatory cover sheets, are available online at http://doe.ky/terrestrial/protected-areas/proposed-protected-areas/, and in hard copy at all district public libraries, the government administration offices on all three islands, and the National Trust's Booby Pond centre on Little Cayman. Landowners and proprietors of contiguous land are being formally notified by registered mail.

The nominations in the first set are all in Grand Cayman or Little Cayman. Nominations for Cayman Brac will appear in the second set of nominations, later this year.

The public is invited to comment on any of these nominations, using a form which is supplied at all the same physical and online locations, or using an online survey version of the same form which can be accessed from the web link above. Separate forms (or online surveys) are required to comment on more than one nomination, because each one will be assessed by the Council separately.

The period for this consultation will run until 2nd May 2017.

The DoE contacts for the consultation are the department's Director, Gina Ebanks-Petrie; and Fred Burton, Manager of Terrestrial Resources Unit.

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