The Brazilian Petroleum Agency (ANP) issued a one-month public consultation regarding the Bolívia-Brazil Pipeline (Gasoduto Bolívia-Brazil, GASBOL), the longest natural gas pipeline in South America - with 3,150 kilometers (1,960 mi) long, connecting Bolivia's gas resources to Brazil’s southeast region.

The purpose of the consultation is to obtain additional feedback on the draft bid notice related to the public call for contracting the available capacity to transport natural gas within GASBOL, under the format of Fixed Transport Contract, by means of which the carrier undertakes, to schedule and transport the daily volume of Natural Gas requested by the shipper to the Contracted Transport Capacity.

The public call will be carried out by TBG (Transportadora Brasileira Bolívia-Brasil S/A), under the supervision of ANP, and will follow the rules of ANP Resolution No. 11/2016 and of the so-called Gas Law (Law No. 11,909/2009, currently under parliament review), according to which: (i) the carrier must submit the draft of the contract to the approval of ANP to be executed with the shippers; (ii) access to the fixed transport service, in available capacity, will be made through a public call made by the ANP, according to the guidelines of the Ministry; and (iii) ANP shall regulate the assignment of transport capacity contracted under the fixed category, in order to preserve the rights of the carrier.

Partial or total execution of the transport service will be conducted through one or more Transport Service Agreements.

The deadline for sending comments and suggestions is April 4, 2019.

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