Brazil has several holiday resorts and hotels on its long coastline known for its beautiful beaches. Can Brazil resort to a Muslim family-friendly environment? Shariah compliant hotels and resorts att ract more Muslim tourists which will gradually enhance the tourism industry in Brazil.

In light of the launch by the Everest Group of Companies of a Muslimfriendly resort in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, as reported in IFN Issue 31 dated the 30th July 2018 by Canadian correspondent Rehan Huda, it will be more benefi cial if the group can evaluate the possibility of opening such Muslim-friendly or Halal resorts in Brazil. Well-known hotel chains such as the Marriott Group and the Accor Group which already have a presence in Brazil should look into this opportunity to meet the demand for Muslim-friendly resorts. Important topics of legal discussion as to a Muslim-friendly resort would be, for example, access to the each following Shariah rules or a segregated area in the resort for the Muslim public.

Since Brazil is a major exporter of Halal meat to countries like Saudi Arabia, aspects such as ouristic infrastructure and good weather in t e tropical areas may att ract Muslim tourists and enable Brazil to take advantage of the Muslim market. Halal tourism can defi nitely foster the development of the tourism industry in Brazil as the number of tourists coming to Brazil is still low compared to tourists visiting, for example, European countries. Hopefully, the Brazilian government will seize this opportunity soon.

Este artigo foi publicado no Islamic Finance News , Volume 16, número 34, no dia 29 de agosto de 2018.

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