Our Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) team is made up of electronic document management professionals who specialise in our clients' everyday paralegal tasks. Our specialists allow our clients to meet their requirements cheaper and faster than using conventional paralegals, so clients can work on more complex tasks.

The Challenge

Our client, a Government Agency, needed assistance with preparing an index in Word using their template. The client had one PDF consisting of approximately 2,200 pages with a number of documents within the PDF. The task was to identify the beginning and end of each document and enter the required information for each document into the Word index.

Some of the challenges we faced:

  • It was a manual task which involved identifying the beginning and end of each document, extracting the required information for each document and entering the information into the client provided Word template.
  • The task would take a very long time to complete if only one person was to work their way through the 2,200 pages.

The Solution

Our specialists implemented the following solution.

  • The PDF was split into four sections. Each split was at the beginning and end of a document.
  • Each section was assigned to a different person.
  • Our Tracker was used to manage and track the progress of each section.
  • The four sections were combined into one PDF once the work on the sections was completed and Quality Assured.

The Outcome

The job was delivered on time and the Government Agency continues to use our services on an ongoing basis.

Your Project

Let our LPO team of specialists manage all your electronic paralegal tasks, so you can focus on your core tasks. Our LPO team is fully trained and experienced with the latest document processing tools in order to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective results for our clients.