In an attempt to control the COVID-19 outbreak in Victoria, much of which can be attributed to workplace transmission, police and WorkSafe Victoria will be checking up on workplaces to ensure employees are wearing face masks.

Under the new rules which kicked off on Thursday, anyone living within metro Melbourne and Mitchell Shire is required to wear a "face covering" when leaving the house, which includes while at work.

Employees aren't required to wear medical grade face masks but can use other paper or textile items including scarfs and bandanas, as long as they cover the mouth and nose.

Workplace spot-checks are set to target, but won't necessarily be limited to, "at-risk workplaces" where employees generally work close together such as distribution centres, call centres, and meat processing centres.

While employees will personally face a $200 fine if caught without a face mask, employers could be liable for breaching their WHS obligation to ensure a safe workplace.

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