Open Tender- Resolution No. 252 - E/2016 Of The Energy And Mining Ministry

On October 31, 2016, the Ministry of Energy and Mining resolution No. 252/2016, requiring CAMMESA to summon all interested parties to submit offers to the Round 1.5 of the National and International Open tender of the RenovAr Program was published in the Official Gazette. Offers should be submitted before November 11, 2016, and the winning offers will be awarded on November 25, 2016.

The call - which maintains the basic guidelines set out in Resolutions Nos. 71/2016 and 136/2016 - allows that offers presented and not awarded in Round 1 be filed again and enables that new members join the participating bidders.

Projects eligible to participate in this Round 1.5 are 91, of which 37 are Wind Energy and 54 are Photovoltaic Solar Energy. The maximum prices under which offers shall be awarded are 59.39 US$/MWh (Wind Energy) and 59.75 US$/MWh (Solar Energy), which represent the average price awarded for these technologies in Round 1.

Offerors may be composed of the same persons, national or foreigners, which were part of Round 1 or may fully or partially vary their integration. In case of changes in the offerors, the new members must show their rights to the project for which they are filing an offer.

As in the previous round, supply contracts entered into within the framework of this open call shall have a payment priority according to MEM's priority of claims. Likewise, it is expected that the awarded bidders sign the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), an Accession Agreement to the FODER Trust and – those who decided so – require the guarantee from the World Bank to secure the National State´s obligations to comply with the put option upon the occurrence of a breaching event.

For this Round 1.5, the World Bank guarantee shall be limited to US$205,000,000, of which US$135,000,000 will be allocated to Wind Energy projects and US$70,000,000 to Photovoltaic Solar Energy projects.

Click on the following links (available only in Spanish) to see the Resolution, annexes and the Bidding terms and conditions:

Resolution MEM 252 E/2016

ANNEX I (Eligible Projects)

ANNEX II (Tax Benefits Non-Qualified Projects Round 1)

Bidding Terms and Conditions (BTC)

ANNEX 1 to 17 of the BTC

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