The Argentine Government continues making progress in the implementation of an ambitious construction and reconditioning infrastructure plan for a total of approximately US$6.9 billion, to be deployed in the next years. Through Urgent Executive Decree No. 797/2016, budgetary resources were reallocated for the purpose of contracting public works and purchasing goods.

Among the most important projects is the undergrounding of the Sarmiento train line (US$3.1 billion), the construction of mega train and other public transportation interconnection hubs, the revamping of railways and highways, the construction of viaducts and the development of transit systems for the exclusive use of public automotive transportation and cyclists. The program lists a total of 66 projects to be implemented almost in its entirety in the next three years.

The conditions of the bids and their timetables have not yet been made public.

Closely related with the aforementioned plan, the Government has submitted to Congress a bill regulating public-private partnership agreements. The new legal framework seeks to implement more flexible and modern regimes for public works, management of public services and, generally, the development of new infrastructure investments, contemplating mechanisms facilitating financing, the management of works and services and dispute resolution alternatives.

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