Starting from June 16, 2020 the office of the Russian Arbitration Center at the Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration located in Moscow, Kadashevskaya Embankment, 14, Building 3 has got back to work in the normal course.

The RAC resumes oral hearings in person. To ensure the safety of the parties to the arbitration, arbitrators and RIMA employees, all visitors will be provided with disposable masks, gloves and shoe covers, as well as disinfectants. After the oral hearings, all the rooms will be disinfected with bactericidal irradiators that affect both the air and the surfaces in the rooms.

Please note: we do not measure temperature of the visitors. In case you do not feel well or you are aware that within 2 weeks before visiting the RAC you have been in contact with people infected with COVID-19, please inform the RAC Administrative Office, as well as all the participants to the proceedings in advance.

Information on the working hours of the RAC office located in Moscow, Proektiruemiy proezd 4062, 6, building 25 will be published later.

Thank you for your understanding. We wish you to stay safe and healthy.