SSEK senior partner Ira A. Eddymurthy will be a panelist at an upcoming online event, "Indonesia's New Omnibus Law on Job Creation: An Expert Briefing."

The event is co-hosted by the American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and the US-ASEAN Business Council, in cooperation with the Indonesia Investment Promotion Center (NY). It is scheduled for Tuesday, November 17.

The omnibus law is intended to spark the creation of millions of jobs by dramatically changing the landscape for business operations in the world's fourth-largest country. How far-reaching are its reforms? Will the law attract investment from US companies seeking production alternatives to China? What are the significant taxation, legal and regulatory changes that will affect companies already operating in Indonesia? How will the law affect bilateral trade? What prompted the government to craft the legislation and what are the political dynamics surrounding the law?

The event is scheduled to be keynoted by Indonesia's Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, H.E. Airlangga Hartarto.