Good news – we've opened a new office in Helsinki!

As owners of a whistleblowing services company, our days are often spent discussing ethics, compliance, integrity and other such serious matters. So we are very happy to indulge a few words here on our growth, new colleagues and super customer service, because that is what our new Helsinki office represents.

In line with WhistleB's growth in our Nordic home markets, the Helsinki office strengthens our Scandinavian hub with a focus on customer experience. We have always been driven by providing the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction, and our colleagues in our new office will help us retain this through our expansive growth. And yes, giving the customer experience of our service is the mission.

Our new customer relations team in Helsinki will focus on making sure we continue to build effective processes and structures in line with our customer needs. Importantly, they will also provide a critical link to the rest of the team at WhistleB, making sure that everything we do leads to increased customer satisfaction.

We have always sought to keep things simple for our customers, and responsible team leaders Anna and Vera will help us make sure we develop the right processes that minimise work for our customers. Please join us in welcoming our customer relation management team as they settle in to our new Helsinki hub.