On November 15, 2018, the Electronic Notices Law –Decree 24-2018 Of The Congress Of The Republic Of Guatemala- was published in the Diario de Centro América, into effect 30 days after the aforementioned date. Said law will come into effect 30 days after its publication date. It provides, the creation by the Diario de Centro America of an electronic portal/page, in which all the publications that previously had to be made in the Official Newspaper or in a major circulation newspaper will be made. Its application does not extend to publication requirements established in constitutional laws and other laws that require a special legislative majority to be approved. Likewise, it does not apply to the publication mechanisms established in article 343 of the Commercial Code - article 31, Decree No. 3-2013 of the Congress of the Republic of Guatemala - and neither to public registers that already have electronic publication means. Other cases that are excluded are: disposals and licenses for the use of trademarks, commercial names and advertising signs, name changes, applications for appellations of origin and geographical indications, applications for invention patents, utility models and industrial designs, which they are published in the Official Bulletin of the Intellectual Property Registry. The electronic portal in accordance with the entry into force of the law shall be available on December 27, 2018.

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