I Recently came across an article titled "food for thought: don't study law, don't invest in today's leading car manufacturers, and the importance of smartphone compatibility..." It might not be hard to imagine that there was no need to go further than don't study law, to grasp my attention.

Per the latin maxim Ubi Societas, ibi ius implicating: where there is society there is law, it must be said that no matter how profound the changes may be in consumer habits or changing industries, law and the regulation of social and virtual interaction will, and must remain a vital part of human progress. As a labor and employment attorney with focus on human relations and productive social interaction, it is clear that collective collaboration has dramatically changed and keeps changing as promptly as the internet bursts out more virtual virtuosos that shine bright amongst social media peers but stray from the classic, elementary virtues of interpersonal relationships.

It is ironic to diagnose the passing of the legal field, whilst we attest a rise of new careers and educational options that certify people as "coaches" (is this a synonym of consultants?). Once obscure and esoteric, life and business coaching have made it to the main stream now and as a result we have people spending considerable amounts of money in life coaching institutions to get certified as official coaches to formally go into business as life or business consultants. Therein lies the dilemma and the misconception that as attorneys and de facto business/life consultants we must address.

The legal field will not and must never cease to exist, as a matter of fact as people grow further apart, and emotional interactions grow colder, law, legality and guidance must be more precise than ever. The social paradigm that surrounds lawyers, law school and the legal profession must however shift rapidly as to realize that whoever wants to be successful in the legal field must be a legal, situational and in many cases, more than a coach, a true and trusted life consultant. It is important that businesses and people utilize lawyers more as preventive allies than as corrective war and court mongers.

The study of law, is at its core the study of human interaction and society and in no way have I personally known a better life consultant than a seasoned attorney that knows society, knows the law, is a master at problem solving and especially prevention as to guarantee peace and productivity in business, life and relationships.

In all fairness, I must say that I am in agreeance with most of what is described in the above mentioned article in accordance with some brilliant examples and the rationalization of an ever-changing world, economy and consumer habits in the XXIst Century. The only thing that I would clarify is the following: "so if you study law, stop immediately," On the contrary I would contend: if you study law, grasp the immense responsibility that the profession entails, take some time to comprehend that success in life and in the field, lies exactly in prevention, wise consulting and using all the knowledge and experience to create better and more effective business, personal and family relationships as to guarantee that all changes in consumerism come firmly and naturally. Legislation will change alongside virtual and social reality, everything is on a fluid tendency to transform but as people grow further apart, there is more need for consultants and therein lies the irony again: as the need for human interaction reduces, the need for human mentors increases.

If you are studying law, I hope you realize quickly that it is true: law as we comprehend it today will change. Nevertheless, your worth to society will not be determined by your ability to know facts that a computer may produce faster and with more accuracy, moreover, it will lie in your talent as a mentor and the added value that your human capacity will bring forth in decision making and advancement in all facets of life for your clients.

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