With around 13.5% of its population consisting of foreign citizens and around 20% of its population having a migration background, Austria is an immigrant-friendly nation that provides immigrants with the option of obtaining citizenship without onerous residence requirements on basis of their extraordinary achievements.

Population 8,602,112
Country Size 83871 km2
GDP (billion current USD) 389.9 (2014 est.)
Earning per capita (current USD) 46,600
Unemployment Rate 6%
Inflation Rate 2.7%
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Benefits of becoming a citizen of Austria include:

  • Access to a stable economic and political environment offering a high standard of living.
  • Easy entry into EU nations for individuals possessing the Austrian passport.
  • A moderate climate, a wide range of leisure activities, and quality educational facilities make it an ideal destination for residing with one’s family.
  • Access to high-end health and social service facilities and amenities in the country

Requirements of Austrian citizenship

Art 10 (6) of the Austrian Citizenship Act

Applicant must fulfill these two conditions:

  1. Those who have performed extraordinary past or prospective achievements, and
  2. Grant of citizenship is in the interest of the Republic of Austria.

Applicant seeking citizenship for extraordinary achievements are exempt from the following requirements:

  1. Ten years of uninterrupted legal residence
  2. Proof of German language skills
  3. Knowledge of the democratic system and history of Austria and Vienna
  4. Sufficient means of subsistence
  5. Renunciation of current citizenship

Fees Austrian citizenship

Application and granting of citizenship for adults EUR 110
Application and granting of citizenship for minors EUR 60
Federal fee for official notification granting citizenship to the applicant EUR 976.80
Administrative fee EUR 300

Required Documents: Austrian citizenship 

  1. Comprehensive CV of all applicants aged 14 years and above containing details of place of residence since birth, education, vocational training, professional career, and details of personal circumstances.
  2. Passport-sized photographs
  3. Certificate of birth, marriage, death of spouse if applicable, proof of divorce, and proof of previous marriages.
  4. Proof of change of name.
  5. Proof of adoption of child by applicant or spouse.
  6. Proof of educational qualification.
  7. Proof of citizenship
  8. Proof of entry in Austria
  9. Proof of good conduct and character where applicant has spent more than six months.
  10. Proof of income for three years immediately preceding the application.

Application Procedure Austrian citizenship

The rules require the Austrian Federal Government to specify the type of extraordinary achievement of the applicant and how grant of citizenship will be in the interest of the Republic. Extraordinary achievement is defined as an achievement that cannot be attached by other persons with the same education and training held by the applicant. Click here for more information about the procedure to apply for Austrian citizenship.