Subclass 132: The Business Talent Permanent visa consists of two streams:

  1. Significant Business History Stream: This stream is designed to attract high-caliber entrepreneurs who own an overseas business in part or full and are interested in either setting up a new business in Australia or participating in the management of an existing Australian venture.
  2. Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream: This stream is designed to attract entrepreneurs with business ideas that have the potential to generate revenue, employment, and development in Australia. The stream is only available to entrepreneurs who have sought and received venture capital funding in Australia from a member of the Australian Venture Capital Association Limited.

Investment Requirements of Significant Business History Stream

  1. You must be less than 55 years old. This requirement can be waived at the discretion of the State/Territory depending on the exceptional economic benefits offered by your business.
  2. You and your partner, jointly or singly, must fulfill the following requirements:
    1. Have a successful business career with no involvement in illegal or unethical business activities.
    2. Have a genuine desire to own and manage a business in Australia.
  3. Own interest in a qualifying business/businesses that are valued at more than AUD 400 000. The interest should be owned for at least two of the four fiscal years immediately preceding the invitation to apply for the visa. If the qualifying business/businesses is/are a publicly listed company, then shareholding must be more than 10% of the total issued capital.
  4. Possess legally acquired business and personal assets worth more than AUD1.5 million. You must be able to transfer these assets to Australia within two years of the visa being granted.
  5. Maintain a total annual turnover of more than AUD3 million in your main business/businesses for at least two of the four fiscal years immediately preceding the invitation to apply for the visa.
  6. You must own at least
    • 51% of the main business if annual turnover is less than AUD 400,000
    • 30% of the main business if annual turnover is equal to or more than AUD 400,000
    • 10% of main business if it is a public listed company.

Investment Requirements of Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream

  1. You must have received funding of more than AUD 1,000,000 from an Australian venture capital firm.
  2. The funding should be for the following elements of a high-value business idea:
    1. Start-up, or
    2. Product commercialization, or
    3. Business development.
  3. The venture capital firm must be a member of the Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL).
  4. There must be a formal agreement for funding between you and the venture capital firm.

Inclusion of Family Members

You can include the following family members in your application:

  1. Your spouse or de-facto partner
  2. Your dependent children or dependent children of your partner.
  3. Other dependent relatives.

Family members must meet all eligibility, health, and character requirements that may be prescribed and must provide documentary evidence of their relationship with the applicant.

Costs or Fees: Business Talent (Subclass 132)

Application Charge AUD 6830
Additional Applicant charge
(above 18 years of age)
AUD 3415
Additional Applicant charge(below 18 years of age) AUD 1710

Eligibility Conditions & Documents Required