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Davies Collison Cave
While digitisation has demonstrably disrupted the traditional music industry, it has also presented new opportunities, particularly in the way musicians can share their creativity and connect with audiences.
McCullough Robertson
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Copyright Agency announced $375,000 in additional funding to the arts industry.
Aird & Berlis LLP
The ink on the Skidmore v. Led Zeppelin decision has not even dried yet, and it has already produced its first legal victor.
Blaney McMurtry LLP
COVID-19 has affected some industries more than others, and while the negative exposure to the pandemic has taken over the news side of the media business.
Aird & Berlis LLP
In the highly-anticipated decision of Skidmore v. Led Zeppelin, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit upheld a jury decision that Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven did not infringe Spirit's Taurus.
AFD China
When determining whether a technology seeking protection in a patent application possesses inventiveness, an examiner usually needs to make several assessments, for example...
S.S. Rana & Co. Advocates
For past few months, one of the major debates and conflicts under the copyright laws of India, is with respect to the question "Whether online-internet platforms are covered under the scope of Section 31D of the Copyright Act 1957?
On April 2nd, 2020, the federal government issued a Decree ordering the extinction or termination of all public trusts, mandates or similar legal figures related to public funding.
On April 2, 2020, the federal government issued a decree, ordering the extinction or termination of public trusts and similar mandates. This decree instructs the agencies and entities of the Federal Public Administration...
S.P.A. Ajibade & Co.
On the 11th of March 2020, our IP partner, John Onyido, moderated a Q and A session as part of the activities organized for the launch of the book entitled
Perchstone & Graeys
Former Liverpool manager Bill Shankly once famously said that "some people believe football is a matter of life and death… I can assure you, it is much, much more important than that."
Inventa International
The Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances is a multilateral treaty which regulates copyright related rights for audiovis...
Withers LLP
Cost cutting has been a major topic of discussion in the art industry this month. I have participated in several interesting discussions regarding resource sharing and am optimistic that there will be more offerings for art business in the near future.
Marks & Clerk
IP law, particularly copyright, has always been very important within the entertainment world, most notably for books, films and music.
Withers LLP
One of the many unprecedented ways in which Covid-19 has impacted on every aspect of public life includes the closure of museums, art galleries, cultural institutions and heritage properties.
Marks & Clerk
Online media piracy spiked in March, according to a report issued by digital piracy tracking and analysis firm, Muso.
Withers LLP
I mentioned in a previous Q&A in this series that we are hearing buzzwords in the art industry during this pandemic, and unfortunately one of those buzzwords that is making many in the art world
Marks & Clerk
By virtue of the finite nature of melodies, it is not uncommon for melodies in new compositions to sound very similar, if not identical, to melodies present in earlier compositions.
Withers LLP
Social distancing has impacted all facets of the art industry, and the primary art market has not been immune. As our team continues to engage in these Q&As...
Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz
What happens when someone buys a work from a famous artist, cuts it up and then sells the constituent parts (as well as what remains of the original)?
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