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Discrimination, Disability & Sexual Harassment
If not conducted in a reasonable manner, employer investigations and disciplinary processes could constitute bullying.
Pointon Partners
There has been an increase in the number of historic complaints of sexual harassment in the workplace since the pandemic hit.
Travis Schultz & Partners
There are still too many women (and men) who continue to suffer bullying and debilitating abuse in the workplace.
As a business owner, you will probably need to manage an employee with a physical illness or injury at some point.
People + Culture Strategies
Employees working remotely may feel they are more exposed to harassment and possibly discrimination in their employment.
Travis Schultz & Partners
Should we rethink protecting perpetrators by silencing victims with confidentiality clauses in settlement agreements?
Carroll & O'Dea
Link to article that considers a number of issues religious institutions need to deal with when employing and managing staff.
Turner Freeman
A workplace should be free from harassment, discrimination and bullying, with everyone treated with dignity and respect.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Everyone has a right to be safe in their place of employment and sexual harassment has been against the law for 25 years.
Holding Redlich
A worker can obtain compensation for discrimination without removing a right to workers compensation for the same injury.
The Mr Darcy references hark back to a bygone era, but the principles in this case will be cited well into the future.
People + Culture Strategies
The former CEO of McDonald's is being sued for allegedly lying about his relationships with other employees.
People + Culture Strategies
Author opines that the boundaries between a Legal Issue and a Moral one have become awkwardly and terribly conflated.
Holding Redlich
Stand down direction that disproportionately & unfairly affects one category of employee over another is unfair & unreasonable.
Marque Lawyers
Her comments were likely to breach the racial vilification prohibition in the Commonwealth Racial Discrimination Act.
Stacks Law Firm
The Religious Discrimination Bill aims to eliminate discrimination of people on the basis of religious belief or activity.
Marque Lawyers
Sexual violence, wherever it sits on the spectrum from workplace harassment to assault, is an expression of dominance.
Marque Lawyers
Trump and his conservatives will be crushed by this case, which shows that civil rights law has teeth, which bite hard.
Marque Lawyers
Dyson Heydon has been found, following a due and fair process, to have done things that deserve exactly that result.
Link to podcast where the matter and sexual harassment in the legal profession and workplaces generally is discussed.
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